October 2020 Relo 2.0 Updates

The following items were resolved in October 2020

  • Clients > Notes – The search filter was not filtering but is working correctly now.
  • Clients > Quick emails – Added important people from the record as options like Contact, Manager/Consultant, Office Manager, Assigned agent, and Referring Agent.
  • Activities > AutoPilots – Created function for mass sending future AutoPilots.
  • Clients > Search – The search by Client Name was having an issue and is resolved.
  • Activities > Autopilots – AutoPilot display numbers now coincide with relo 1.0 display
  • Activities > Responses – Huge update in response that does not drive people away from activities and allows you to see an d update Referral Status, List Price, Sale Price, Estimated Closing Date, Closing Date).
  • Clients > To-Do List  Attachments are processing (being included in emails) properly when creating a new to-do
  • Home > Email tracking – Added Client Name as a column and have that link into the record for updating
  • ***Client name on any page takes inside the record.
  • Activities > Reminders – Updated the ability to edit the date of a reminder
  • Activities > AutoPilots – Updated the entire section into tabs so users do not have to scroll when working in an area.
  • Clients Display – Added fields for File#, Client Cell, add Client Email quick links added Transaction Address as searchable
  • Clients Quick emails – in Quick Emails we now pass the FILE # and CLIENT NAME in SUBJECT line, multiple image upload function
  • Clients Mass Email- Add the ability to MASS email all CLIENTS from an existing filter.  
  • Clients Add and Edit – updated Client tab records to all begin expanded to make them easier to find
  • Activities – Esign – Finalized testing on electronic signatures, having relocation contacts, and assigned agents sign documents. 
  • Added notification tool (bell icon) inside the software. Video highlighting how to view relo2.0 alerts from the notification bell

Email tdemos@relosftware.com with any questions.  

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