Responses Page; ‘Forward To’ Field Enhanced

As you probably know the Responses page allows you to view the responses coming back from agents and other contacts.  You have the chance to read the response then “process” it which moves the response into the Notes table for each referral record.

One of the great features is that if you click the pencil before “processing” the response there are a number of things you may want to do such as edit the spelling within the response, update the Referral Status or use the ‘Forward To’ field to select a person to whom you will forward a copy of the response.  In one quick step you can make the changes if needed and select the person to forward the response to.

But, what if you want to forward the response to more than one person?  Or, you want to insert an email address that isn’t in the droplist?

The new feature allows you to simply click the corresponding button for whoever is to receive the forwarded email.  And, since it is now an open field you can enter additional email addresses, separated by a semicolon.  You now have up to 100 characters available in this expanded field.

By using this new feature you can save time by quickly editing the response, making updates to Status and other settings as well as use the ‘Forward To’ field to identify those who will receive the emailed update.


3 Responses to “Responses Page; ‘Forward To’ Field Enhanced”

  1. Ann Gioe Says:

    Love this!!!!

    Ann Gioe Relocation Director Prudential Indiana Realty 8402 E. 116th St Fishers, IN 46038 317-913-2803/direct 317-594-3060/fax

  2. Sanaa Kaddis Says:

    LOVE IT!!!
    Sanaa Kaddis, CRP, RCC
    Real Estate One
    Southfiled, MI 48075

  3. Alicia Motter Says:

    This is such a time saver. Thank you for always thinking of ways to enhance our efficiency!

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