AutoPilot Items Now May Have Expiration Dates

The AutoPilot is one of the most powerful (and popular!) features of the Relocation Specialist database.  It allows you to enter tasks (ToDo items), then send them automatically when they’re due.  This works well for update requests from agents and contacts, drip email marketing to clients/transferees and other tasks.

Beginning today you have the option of adding an Expiration Date for your AutoPilot items.  In the ToDo page there is a new field for Expiration Date.  This is an optional field, and you may either use the pop-up calendar to select a date or you may enter the date manually (eg. MM/DD/YYYY).  Then, when AutoPilot runs and if the item is set to REPEAT, ReloSpec will calculate the date for the next repeated item as long as the future date is not after the Expiration Date.

The Expiration Date has also been added to the Action Plan Items page.  So, now you can set up tasks to be done in advance and select the number of days into the future that will be the Expiration Date.  In this case you’ll be entering just the number (eg. 60) of days needed.  This is an optional field and is required only if you want to set the Expiration Date in advance.

There is a new Training Video to help you get started with this exciting new feature.

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