Results of Extreme Weather on East Coast

All functions of the Relocation Specialist software are working properly.  Users are able to SEND emails, receive Responses and otherwise use their databases without interruption.

However, due to the extreme weather on the East coast the Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) Team members do not currently have access to their email.  Emails sent to,, or are NOT being received and may not be until at least Wednesday, October 31st.  Telephone service is working, and calls may be directed to 860/946-9110 or 402/426-9542.

If you have a need regarding the ReloSpec database, please use the ‘Help Desk’ to submit your request.  The Team will be monitoring the Help Desk requests and will respond via telephone.

Thank you for your patience during this extreme weather condition.

One Response to “Results of Extreme Weather on East Coast”

  1. Debbie Knight Says:

    good luck! all is well here in Virginia Beach. Anyone who lost power in the storm has had it restored by now.

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