New Feature: Agent AutoAssign

Do you have a team of agents you want to assign referrals to in a round robin fashion?  Or, would you like to see a list of agents and know “who’s next”?  Now you can.

Select the agent in the Agents table, click the pencil and in the ‘AutoAssign?’ field set it to TRUE.  Now that agent is a member of the AutoAssign Team.  Then, when you’re in a referral record and  you click the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link you’ll be able to view a listing of Team members by clicking the ‘Show AutoAssign Agents Only’ button.  When you click the ‘Show the AutoAssign Agents Only’ button you’ll see a table displaying who the last person selected was and who the next one should be.  Click the SHOW button and the list will be filtered to the one agent who is “next”.

But, what if you want to select an agent from a specific office?  Click the SEARCH button, select the office and APPLY FILTER.  Notice that on the right side of the grid there is the ‘Last Assigned Date’ field.  Click the column heading to sort the selected records A-Z.  Click it a second time to sort in reverse order (Z-A) and determine who is next to receive a referral.

If you want to see the Training Video for this new feature, click here.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and find it helpful for determining which agent is “next”.

One Response to “New Feature: Agent AutoAssign”

  1. Gerrish, Diane Says:

    Interesting. Thanks.

    [LeadingRE-Horizontal-BW.jpg] [cid:DEBE6CFD-14E8-409F-95B4-04BA35DC9CF7@home] [All Black type LP copy.jpg] [cid:D139ED4D-BA07-4171-A152-6AB94E430B51@local]
    To Place an Outgoing Referral, Please Click HERE

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