AutoAssign form has some new features!

A cool new change has been made in the AutoAssign form.  Two new radio buttons have been added to the page that the Agent submits.  The choices are Yes, I accept or No, I do not accept and a choice must be made before the form can be submitted.  When the record appears in the Responses page you’ll have a record of what the Agent selected (Yes or No), the percent the agent agreed to and whatever comments may have been added. 

To see this work, click the FORMS link, click AutoAssign, click the link the Agent would click to open the online form and SUBMIT it. 

 The results may be viewed in your Responses table.

You asked…we listened!

8 Responses to “AutoAssign form has some new features!”

  1. Candace Says:

    Where can we find more information about this? Will the agent still receive the info sheet if they say no? This will be a major problem for us if they do. Thank you!

  2. jensheps Says:

    Nothing else changes. Whether the agent says YES or NO on the AutoAssign page has no effect on whatever other tasks ReloSpec is scheduled to perform. The main difference is that if the AutoAssign is sent to the agent, and if the agent opens the email and clicks the link, the agent will not be able to SUBMIT the response until he/she selects YES or NO with the radio buttons on that one page.

    We have had customers complaining that the agent wasn’t being required to say YES and acknowledge there would be a charge associated with the assignment. This updated page solves that problem.

    • Kerri Says:

      What happens if the agent says NO. Do they still get a copy of the Information form? I am hoping that if they say no that their office is immediately alerted and the referral can then be re assigned without the agent getting any referral contact information.

      • James Evans Says:

        That depends on what the user has asked ReloSpec to send to the agent. With your concern for sending too much info, I suggest sending the AutoAssign page to the agent and waiting for the agent to answer YES or NO before sending additional info/pages.

        That way you would see the response in the Responses table and have the chance to use the ‘Forward To’ field to forward the response to the agent’s manager if desired. You would ‘Process’ the response to get it into the Notes table, re-assign to a new agent and begin the process anew.

  3. Leslie Says:

    I would like to see the “Yes, I accept / No I don’t accept” buttons added to ALL of the Auto Assign forms. Will that be happening soon?

    • jensheps Says:

      No plans at this time. Are you looking more for a button that tells you they GOT IT? A lot of the forms do not require and Accept/do not accept reply. Email me off line and we can chat.

      • Leslie Says:

        I use the AutoAssign5 form and despite verbally telling my agents that they will need to “click the link to accept the referral”, they neglect to do so. I really think adding those “Yes, I accept / No I don’t accept” buttons to all of the AutoAssign forms should be considered. Thanks, Leslie

      • jensheps Says:

        We are working on this, thank you for the feedback!

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