AutoAssign form has some new features!

A cool new change has been made in the AutoAssign form.  Two new radio buttons have been added to the page that the Agent submits.  The choices are Yes, I accept or No, I do not accept and a choice must be made before the form can be submitted.  When the record appears in the Responses page you’ll have a record of what the Agent selected (Yes or No), the percent the agent agreed to and whatever comments may have been added. 

To see this work, click the FORMS link, click AutoAssign, click the link the Agent would click to open the online form and SUBMIT it. 

 The results may be viewed in your Responses table.

You asked…we listened!

Expense Reports have a new field added

ReloSpec added the File Number field to the following forms: Expenses Report and Expenses Report 2.

New Product! Lead Specialist!

Want to have leads from your website inserted automatically into ReloSpec? 


AND would you like those leads automatically assigned to a pre-determined lists of agents? 


We would like to announce the long-awaited Lead Specialist option is now available!!!

This exciting new option allows you to schedule your agents for when they will receive incoming leads, or have ReloSpec cycle through a list of agents you select. 

When the lead comes into ReloSpec, the agent is selected, and a corresponding Action Plan is used to schedule whatever tasks you want performed!  Plus, powerful new reports provide the documentation you need!  The Lead Specialist option includes 3 parts: Post leads to ReloSpec, Automatically assign the agent, and new reporting features, and sells for $995.  If you already have your web leads posting to ReloSpec the software is available for $795.  There is no monthly fee, and the additional annual Maintenance will be $400.

For more information please email Jim directly,

Register and WIN!!!

Because ReloSpec Software is adding new features and updates on a weekly basis we created our blog! By registering for this blog you will be sure to be notified of any new features, products, training seminars, outages, or known glitches that we may be working on. We have also posted answers to our most common questions at We feel your registering to receive this information is so important that we are going to entice you with a little contest! The first 200 customers to register their email address at will be entered into a drawing to win one of four $25 Starbucks Gift Cards! $25 worth of free treats just for typing your email address into a box, pretty good deal and your odds are 1 in 25, also pretty darn good!

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If you are one of the 50 customers who have already registered for these email notifications, THANK YOU and your name has already been put into the drawing for the Starbucks gift cards!

To Register please go to and enter your email address in the upper right-hand corner!

New Report added to ReloSpec

There is a new report in ReloSpec List Expiration Report 2.  It is similar to the original List Expiration Report except that this new report includes the history of past prices as stored in the ‘Prices’ table and accessed by click the ‘PRICES’ link on the Referrals List page.

New Product Available, Check out the ‘Branch Option’


The Branch Option allows your Branch Managers the ability to login to ReloSpec and view in Read Only mode all records for their branch. They can view the corresponding Notes (if they have been marked “Public”), can send comments regarding their records that go to the ReloSpec Responses table, can ADD NEW records that are inserted into the ReloSpec Referrals table as well as run a special set of Reports for activities.

The product includes 5 Branch Option licenses which you may assign as needed in any combination for your managers.  You may also  re-assign the IDs/Passwords to managers as needed.

For pricing please visit the Product Page/Branch Option

3349 numeric field overflow when using report generator

If you receive this error code while using report generator it means you need to update your current version of report generator.

  Report Generator How do I update Report Generator to a newer version? To update your Report Generator software to a new version, you must first know which version of Microsoft Access your Report Generator uses. The three possible versions of Microsoft Access are: 1) Access97, Access2000 or higher, or the Run-time version of Access97. To determine which version you are using, start Report Generater and look at the Main Menu page. The Microsoft Access version will be listed on the page. Once you know when version of MS Access you are using, do the following:

1. From the Main Menu of Relocation Specialist Web Version click UTILITY SETTINGS. The Utility Settings page will open.
2. From the Utility Settings page, click ‘Report Generator’. The Report Generator page will open.
3. Click the Report Generator link. The Report Generator login page will appear.
4. Click the link labeled ‘Report Generator (for use with MS Access97)’ if you are using MS Access97 or you have installed the Access Run-time version. Click ‘Report Generator for use with MS Access2000 or later’ if you are using MS Access2000 or later. The File Download box will appear.
6. Click SAVE, then save the file to ‘C:\Program Files\ReloSpec’ on your local hard drive. You will be replacing the file of the same name.
7. Close the Report Generator page. You will be returned to the Utility Settings page.NOTE: With Report Generator v7.0 or higher you will NO LONGER USE ‘Roster’ or ‘Roster 2’ to filter the records. Instead you will be using ‘Report Generator’ or ‘Report Generator 2’. All other steps are the same. (This is so that those who have not upgraded to the new version can continue using ‘Roster’ with the old version until they upgrade. Though ‘Roster’ and ‘Report Generator’ look and act the same, there are more fields in the ‘Report Generator’ report that are used by the new version 7.0 or higher.)