‘Administrator’ will send Alert if Referrals are Deleted

Would you like to be notified if a Referrals table record is deleted?  Now the Relocation Specialist ‘Administrator’ will let you know the instant a record from the Referrals table is deleted.  It will let you know WHO deleted WHICH record and at what TIME it was deleted.

The ‘Administrator’ is a record in the Users table named “Administrator”.  You’ll need to ADD this record, along with the Email Address(es) and the Text Message address(es) of person(s) you want to be alerted.  Multiple Email Addresses and Multiple Text Message Addresses must be separated by a semicolon.  To view a Training Video on the ‘Administrator’ user click here.

Remember that to ensure others in your office cannot unexpectedly change the settings for the ‘Administrator’ user, be sure the other users have “Medium” or “Limited” as the setting for their ‘Access privileges’ in the Users table.  That will prevent them from gaining access to the Utility Settings page and the Users table.


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