New ‘Save To Contacts’ button

You asked for it.  Now you’ve got it!  How many times have you been entering a new Referrals table record and entered a new Contact that you wanted to add to the Contacts table?  You knew the record wasn’t in the Contacts table which meant entering it into the Contacts table first before being able to use it in the ‘Lookup’ pages.

Now the process is much simpler!  After entering the Contact info in the Contacts section of the Referrals List page, click the new ‘Save To Contacts’ button and a new record will be inserted into the Contacts table.  It is simple and very convenient.  Just be sure you’re not adding a duplicate record for one already in the Contacts table.

Enjoy, and, thanks again to our valuable customers making great suggestions for ReloSpec improvements!

8 Responses to “New ‘Save To Contacts’ button”

  1. Dickinson, Ann Says:

    Thanks, I love it!!

    Ann Dickinson
    RealtySouth Relocation Services
    2501 20th Place South, Ste. 400
    Birmingham, AL 35223
    Direct Line: 205-325-1382
    Toll Free: 800-264-4574, ext. 3
    Efax: 205-445-1782
    Caring People, Exceptional Service


  2. Becky Bowman Says:

    YEAH! I have been waiting on this one! 🙂

  3. Denise Richards Says:

    I have already used it and LOVE it!

  4. Tonya Del Valle Says:

    Hi, that’s great but anyway to improve it even more where RS would know if you have inputted a duplicate contact? Otherwise, you still have to go back and forth between the screens if you are not sure. Thanks!

  5. Janet Says:

    An early Christmas gift! Thank you!

  6. Morgan Patten Dingell Says:

    Love it!!

  7. Jean Sackin Says:

    A new favorite feature! Thanks, Jim.

  8. Tim Bruin Says:

    Thanks for the Button! Very helpful

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