Our BIG Announcement


Relocation Specialist continues to be the Number One choice for tracking relocation activities, while providing other related services. 


We’re very excited to make the following 3 announcements!!!


More Products, More Options, Free Money

Beginning today we are announcing the option of having leads from your company’s website and many other popular sources (like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, ShowingTime, ColdwellBanker.com, ERA.com and many others) imported automatically into Relocation Specialist. 

And, to help you get started we’re giving you a $250 spending money!  You can use the money towards purchase of the Import Utility or for many other optional software products.  See below for details! (I told you it was BIG!!!)

Refer-A-Friend, and Earn Rewards

Want to help others benefit with Relocation Specialist?  With their permission, refer them to us!  If they buy before June 30, 2010:

                You get $50 Amazon.com gift card

                They get $250 credit to be applied to purchase of qualifying options

We’re Moving

This month we’re moving the entire Relocation Specialist application to faster, more reliable servers.  We expect improved response times now and advanced reporting services to come later this year.  This will be a free upgrade for all Relocation Specialist customers.

Here are the details…

More Products, More Options, Free Money

New Import Utility Captures All Your Leads!

The new ‘Import Utility’ features “reads” emails and inserts the details directly into your Import table.  Purchase of the Import Utility page ($250) includes choice of two Import Sources, including the following: Your own customer website, Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com and others.  There is a monthly fee associated with this option of $69.  If more than two Import Sources are needed, each is an additional $39/month.  A complete list of available Import Sources will be available on our website soon.

Free Money!

All Relocation Specialist customers may use a $250 credit towards purchase of qualifying options before June 30, 2010.  You select the option of your choice, we deduct $250 and you pay the difference.  Qualifying products include: Additional Relocation Specialist licenses, Images option, Corporate Access option, Branch option, Leads Processing option for Agents, and the Referral Submit Form.


Do you know of someone who doesn’t have the benefits of Relocation Specialist?  Want to help them and you at the same time?  Let them know you are referring them to us and if they buy before June 30, 2010 you get a $50 Amazon.com gift card and they get a $250 credit towards purchase of their software.  We’ll need: Your Name, Company Name, Their Name, Their Company, Their Phone Number, Their Email Address and we’ll take it from there.  After they purchase, we’ll ask them who referred them to us.  If it’s you, we’ll send the gift card to you right away.

We’re Moving!

The entire Relocation Specialist application and databases are being moved to new, more powerful and expandable servers.  We will be using new technologies to match software and hardware to the growing demand for our software.  This move will enable us to add new Reporting features not currently available.  We’re very excited about this move.  Watch for details in future blogs!

4 Responses to “Our BIG Announcement”

  1. Elizabeth Landgraf Says:

    Love the new import utility ability!

  2. India Says:

    Will this make RELOSPEC more speedy?!? We are moving in slow motion!

    • jensheps Says:

      Yes, when we move to the new platform speed should no longer be an issue. We are working on the speed issues right now!

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