Updated AutoPilot Page now in Production

Two important changes have been made to the AutoPilot page which adds new flexibility.  The default page still works as it always has; you click the ‘AutoPilot’ link and a page opens to display the AutoPilot items that are due to be sent as of today or before.  You may process the items one at a time or click the button at the bottom of the page to send all items.

The first change is that now you can click the SEARCH button at the top of the page and enter a future date in the ‘Cut-Off Date’ field.  This means that if for example it is Friday and you want to send items scheduled for Saturday or Sunday you can.  Use the pop-up calendar or enter the future date manually, apply the filter and send!  This will be helpful if you’ll not be in the database for a few days, but want to send the AutoPilots for those days you’ll be gone.

The second change is that for repeating items, the new repeat date will be from the previous date and not from the date sent.  Let’s say you have an AutoPilot Update Request that repeats every 15 days, the due date is on Saturday and you don’t actually send the update request until you return to the database on a Monday.  With this change, the next due date will be calculated correctly from the previous due date and not from the date it was actually sent.  This way, the repeating update requests will stay on schedule no matter which day they are sent.

These are small, subtle changes for some, but will be a big help for those who need more accuracy for time-sensitive AutoPilot items.

One Response to “Updated AutoPilot Page now in Production”

  1. Gaydell Dillhyon Says:

    Good News! I like these changes. Thanks!

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