Agent Access – Bigger & Bettter and FREE

A few weeks ago we announced the Agent Access feature.  Today we are announcing the new price (FREE for the license) and new features.

Do you have agents who want access to the records assigned to them?  Do you want them to be able to supply updates without waiting for your email to arrive?  Want your agents to submit new outgoing referrals easily?  It’s all included in the new Agent Access.

With the new Agent Access:

  • You create the ID/Password for as many agents as you like.  Have them go to to login
  • You may add/delete agents as often as you like
  • Agents can login, view only their records and cannot change anything
  • It works great with smart phones, iPads, tablets and PCs!
  • They can select a record, click ‘Send Update’ and their comments go right into the Responses table
  • Agents can use the ‘Add New’ button to submit outgoing referrals that come into the Import table
  • Agent Access does not replace the AutoPilot sending of update requests
  • The Scorecard report for the agent is available at the touch of a button.
  • More reports including percent of Goals achieved are coming soon!
  • There is no charge for the license.  Next year when your annual Maintenance comes due you’ll be charged a maximum of $5/agent/year.

There is a new Training Video available to learn more.  You’ll learn how to set up the agent(s) and see what they will see when they login.

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