Can we determine why our system is running so slowly?

If your system is not performing up to par, and you have confirmed with Relo Spec that there are no known issues try this.

There is a handy tool to determine the possible source of slow response times with ReloSpec called TraceRoute.  This tool (tracert.exe) is found in the Windows folder and is used to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network.  This tool is helpful for situations when ReloSpec response times are slow; especially when compared with other PCs where the response times are fast.

Here are the steps to use the tool:

  1. Click Start, Run and type “command” and click OK.  A (command) window with black background will open.
  2. Type “tracert > tracert.txt” and ENTER.  “Tracert” is the command from Windows.  “” is the IP address for the front-end server of ReloSpec.  The “> tracert.txt” is where the file will be written with the results.  It will be stored in the ‘C:\Documents and Settings\[User name]’ folder.
  3. Browse to the file created and double-click to open in Notepad.  You’ll see the “hops” the packet takes to get to the server and the amount of time in milliseconds.
  4. Type “exit” and ENTER to close the window.
  5. If needed, have the customer attach the file to an email and send to me for evaluation.

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