URGENT Responses Now Available

One of the great things about the Relocation Specialist software is the ability for have the system send regular update requests to agents and have them respond.  Their responses go right into the Responses table where you can review them, the “process” them into the Notes table for each record.

Sometimes the agent may be providing a response that requires your immediate attention.  Now, when the agent clicks the link in the email to open the page and enter the Comments, the agent can mark the response “Urgent” by checking the box just above the SUBMIT button. 

When the response is viewed in the Responses page, all “Urgent” responses will be at the top of the page with the first two fields highlighted in yellow.  That way your attention will be drawn to the most important responses first. 

This is a free upgrade for all ReloSpec users.  Enjoy!

One Response to “URGENT Responses Now Available”

  1. Jo-Anne Whalen Says:

    This new feature is brillient! Sometimes I have 30+ updates to tend and knowing what is timely will expedite matters even moreso. Keep up the good work of ever enhancing the program.

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