Survey Responses are Great! More Needed

Three weeks ago we introduced the ‘ReloSpec Features’ survey and the response has been great. Over 200 ReloSpec users have completed the survey. The ReloSpec Team is busy following up with each one to help you with the features you want to know more about.

Some of the possible survey answers include statements like “Show me how” and “Set this up for me”. Many of you are taking advantage of our offer to help and we’re busy helping people take advantage of features you didn’t know about or hadn’t had time to setup yourself.

Though the response has been great, many of your have not completed the survey. Please take a few minutes to do so. Not only will you learn about cool features we can help you use, but you’ll be automatically eligible for the drawing of a new Kindle Fire HDX! The drawing will be Wednesday, November 27th.

Click here to take the survey.

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