Images Option Expanded to Agents and Contacts

For those of you who have purchased the Images option you now have expanded capabilities.

The Images option has always allowed you to upload and store images, files, BMAs, contracts, whatever you want for a particular Client record.  You could select the Client record, click the Images link and upload the file.  It’s a great way to go paperless!

Now that same capability has been extended to Agents and Contacts.  Let’s say you want to store uploaded copies of agent agreements, contracts, etc., independent of any Client record.  Now you can!  Just select the agent in the Agents table and click the ‘Upload an Image’ button at the bottom of the page.  The same is true for the Contacts table.  Select the record and click the ‘Image’ button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Because all your image files are stored in your one company folder, all filenames must be unique.  You may also notice that the Notes for individual agents and Notes for individual Contacts are now visible on the same page, the same as are displayed for Clients.

To see an updated Training Video on the Images option, click here.

If you do not have the Images option and would like to know more, please contact any member of the Relocation Specialist Team.

One Response to “Images Option Expanded to Agents and Contacts”

  1. Margo Murray Says:

    Wonderful new option! Agent certifications and course completion certificates can now be house as part of their profile. Thank you…. Can this option be opened to Vendors (i.e. contractors, lawn care specialists etc.) if needed for Licenses and Insurance certificates.

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