Tuesday brings you two tips

New report: Activity Summary Compares 2 Years!

There is a new Advanced report that compares any date range for selected offices and compares the same date range for the same offices one year earlier in the same report.

From the REPORTS page, browse to the ‘Activity by Office – Condensed 2 Year’ (Advanced) report, enter your desired date range, select the Office(s) and click VIEW REPORT. It’s that simple!
ReloSpec Checkups Are A Success

In an effort to take full advantage of the many features in your ReloSpec database we are offering a FREE 15-minute checkup. During the checkup we’ll help you understand the features that will help you get more done in less time!

If it’s been more than six (6) months since your last checkup and would like us to review your system with you to identify specific areas where we can help, please contact Sue Farley at sue@prosws.com to schedule an appointment.

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