How do I create a ActionPlan?

To add an action plan:

  1. From the Main Menu click the Utility Settings link, then click ActionPlans.  (You may also get to the ActionPlans from the ToDo page link in the Referrals List.)
  2. Click ADD NEW, and enter a description for the new ActionPlan you are creating.
  3. Select the new ActionPlan you just created, then click the Edit The Action Plan Items button.
  4. If you are about to enter the first ActionPlan item, the page will open to Add a new recordand you can begin entering the data in each field.  If there is at least one item already in the ActionPlan, click the ADD NEW  button to enter the additional ToDo items to be included in the action plan.  NOTE: See the ToDo Items page for instructions on how to complete each field.
  5. Click the ADD NEW RECORD button to save the record.  If additional items are to be added, repeat step 4.
  6. When completed, click theReturn to ActionPlans button to return to the ActionPlans list.
  7. Close the ActionPlans window.

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