New “Re-Send” button added to the Tickler page

A new button has been added to the Relocation Specialist Ticker page that allows the user to quickly re-send an update request to an agent

Now, when viewing the Tickler page, each record where the Activity = “Response” (meaning you are waiting for a response from the agent) there is a “Re-Send” button. 

Clicking the button will add the record to the AutoPilot page and allow you to re-send the update request or whatever form was sent originally.

Using the Re-Send button is a good way to re-send the request when the agent takes longer than expected to respond.

Relocation Specialist is a Sponsor at RDC

Again this Spring, Relocation Specialist is a Gold level Sponsor at the Relocation Director’s Council (RDC) this time in Orlando!!!  Jim Evans will be available throughout the meetings May 18th and 19th.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Relocation Specialist announces new, improved platform

Relocation Specialist announces new, improved platform

Due to continued growth and in an effort to provide the best possible response times, the Relocation Specialist software is moving to a new platform of faster servers.  We are implementing a ‘cloud computing’ environment that allows us to quickly add resources when needed while providing faster, more consistent response times in a secure environment.

The transition has begun and it will take a few weeks to install, test and transition to the new platform.  Soon you’ll see improvements while using the Relocation Specialist software.  This transition also means that new reporting features will be available.  Within the new few weeks we’ll begin converting existing web-based reports to a much nicer formatted look.  The improved reporting features will be significant.

For right now, there is nothing for users of Relocation Specialist to do.  Continue logging in the way you always have and using the software.  This is a free upgrade for all Relocation Specialist licensees.  We look forward to providing an improved software product.  Thank you for your patience through this brief transition period.

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New FORM available in Relocation Specialist

 A new form has been added to the FORMS page in Relocation Specialist named ‘Client Notification of Agent 2 (cc:Assigned Agt)’.

This form is used to notify clients/transferees of the agent assigned for Outgoing referrals. It includes the agent’s phone number(s) and email address.

NEW: Radio Buttons on Import page

NEW:  Radio Buttons on Import page

There are now two ways of testing records in the Import table for duplicates.  When you first open the page it will do a First Name + Last Name check and display possible duplicates.  A radio button on the page allows you to do a more in-depth search that compares Names, Phone Numbers and Email Addresses.  This second option will take longer to display the results, but may find duplicates not caught by the first search performed when you opened the page.

Now you have a choice while searching for possible duplicate records.