AutoUpdate Page Has More Information

The AutoUpdate page is one of the most popular FORMS used in Relocation Specialist.  It allows the agent or contact to provide much-needed information about your referral records.  And now, the page has expanded to 3 specific fields rather than 1 general field.  The 3 questions are:

  • Is this Referral still Active?
  • Provide Activity since the Last Update?
  • Other Comments?

Rather than have only non-specific comments the agent is now guided to provide more meaningful updates.  When the update is posted into the Responses table, you’ll notice that the 3 questions and the answers to each of the 3 questions will be provided.

Also, if you want to send Update Requests that include the (Public) Notes you can always use the FORM names ‘AutoUpdate w/Notes’.  That way, the agent will receive the request along with any Public Notes that exist with the record, then will still be able to use the new AutoUpdate FORM with the 3 questions.

We hope you’ll find having additional and specific updates to be more useful.

5 Responses to “AutoUpdate Page Has More Information”

  1. Denise Richards Says:

    Funny, I just got a response from an agent and I thought they were asking me those questions! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Janet Hubbard Says:

    We love the change. Thank you.

    Janet Hubbard
    Lyon Real Estate

  3. Jean Sackin Says:

    Nice change. Agents seem to be more detailed in their responses as a result of it.

  4. Sherry L Anderson Says:

    “………… more meaningful updates.”
    Seems to be working! Thanks!

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