Agent Access Now Available; During March first 5 Licenses FREE

The Agent Access option is now available and during March 2013 your first 5 licenses are FREE.  (Annual Maintenance costs will still apply.)

This exciting option allows your agents to login and have Read-Only access to the records assigned to them.  They may view the Referral records, Notes (that are marked “Public”) and Closing information.  Agents view their records, click the ‘Send Update’ button and the AutoUpdate page opens.  They complete the fields, SUBMIT the form and the results go right into your Responses table.  The advantage is that the agent may select all ‘Actives’ and quickly provide updates for each.

Agents may also click the ‘Add New’ button and the Referral Submit Form opens with the agent information fields already completed.  Once the online form is SUBMITted, the new record is inserted into your Import table and the ReloSpec user is notified that the new record is there.

This option includes special navigation buttons so the agent can quickly ‘View ALL’, ‘View Actives’, ‘View Pending’ and ‘View Closed’.  And, the agent may use the SEARCH button to find any specific record assigned to him/her.

Agents may use their smart phone, tablet, PC or any Internet-ready device to view their records.

Cost is just $20 per agent to get started.  The annual Maintenance is $10 per agent.  If you purchase during March 2013, the first five (5) licenses are free.  For example, if you want 10 of your agents to have Agent Access and you purchase during this month the cost is $100 now ($20 x 5 = $100) and then next year the added Maintenance will be $100 ($10 x 10 = $100).  Quantity discounts may be available.  Contact Jim Evans for more information.

To see some Frequently Asked Questions about this option, click here.   To view what a sample of what your agents will see, go to the ReloSpec Main Menu page and login using AgentDemo / AgentDemo for the ID / Password.

To order the Agent Access option, contact Jim Evans (

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  1. Denise Becker Says:

    Jim – Call me – *Thank you,

    Denise Becker 618-257-7690** * *Strano and Associates Relocation* *Finding New Doors to your Future!*

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