We All Need GOALS! (And new fields to enable the Goals)

Goals are good.  They give us something to work for.  And, now in ReloSpec you can enter Goals for Agents and Goals for the Company.  AND, have the Reports to quickly and easily show the percent achieved!

For the Agents, simply select the agent from the Agents table, click the pencil and enter the goals in the fields in the right column.  Fields include Total Listed, Total # Closed, Total Agent Generated, Conversion Rate Percent, Total Outgoing, Average BMA Variance and Average DOM.  Once the goals have been set, at any time you can run the new ‘Scorecard – Agent Goals’ report and see the results for the agent!  Though there is some tweaking to be done to the report you can get the idea by viewing the sample report.

For the Company, go to the Utility Settings page and click the link for ‘Goals’.  Click the pencil to update the fields with your company goals for the year.  You’ll see there are fields for: Total Listed, Total # Closed, Total Outgoing Placed, Outgoing Placed In Network, Outgoing Closed and Outgoing Closed in Network.  Soon there will be a Company Report that will display the Goals and the percent achieved YTD or for any date range you want!

Especially for CARTUS Brokers 
For those ReloSpec users who are Cartus Brokers the Company Goals page has 30(!) additional fields so that you can set goals for USAA, HES, NFCU and other Cartus-exclusive fields.  The upcoming ‘Scorecard – Company Goals’ report will display the goals and the YTD results, or for any date range you want!

New Fields To Enable The Goals
In order to get the results for the new Goals feature it was necessary to add a few new fields to the ReloSpec Referrals List page and the Closing page.  There are 3 new fields; 2 in the Closing page and 1 in the Referrals List page.  In the Closing page there is now the ‘Pending Sale u/d Date’ and the ‘Final Sale u/d Date’ fields.  For Cartus brokers especially it is important to track the amount of time between the Contract Date and the date and update is provided, as well as the time between the Close Date and the Final Sale update is provided; hence the new fields.  In the Referrals List page it is important to know if a given record is within the ‘Network’ and that is why there is now a checkbox for ‘In Network?’.

The Referral Types field is now SMARTER
In the past, once you selected a Referral Type, the Subtype and the Buyer/Seller/Renter fields were updated automatically.  ReloSpec looks at the Referral Type found in the Referral Types table (in Utility Settings), sees the accompanying fields and updates them for you.  Now, in addition to those fields, the Referral Type can also determine whether or not the record is ‘In Network?’ as well as update the Referral Source field.  This will be especially important for Cartus brokers.  It is expected that the Referral Source field will contain entries for “USAA”, “HES” or “NFCU” so that the new ‘Scorecard – Company Goals’ report will be able to get the proper results.  Be sure to check out the new Training Video for Referral Types for more information.

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