Save Time With Scheduled Reports

Are you spending a lot of time generating ReloSpec reports, then needing to distribute them to others?  Use the ‘Scheduled Reports’ feature to save time and effort!

With Scheduled Reports you identify which report(s) go to whom on what date and let the ReloSpec AutoPilot do the rest for you.  Create a separate Referrals table record to which you’ll assign the AutoPilots.  Each AutoPilot (ToDo table record) will have the date, addressee, the form name (‘Custom Letter (blank)’) and the Body of Letter that identifies which report to send.

If it sounds a little complicated, it’s not.  Check out the new Training Video for ‘Scheduled Reports’ (7 1/2 minutes), and as always, your ReloSpec support team is ready to help you save time.  Just let us know.

2 Responses to “Save Time With Scheduled Reports”

  1. Jennifer Kinnebrew Says:

    Is there a way to define parameters when sending these reports? For example we send our office managers monthly reports with their particular offices data. Is there a way to define date and specific office data that will only be sent?

    • jensheps Says:

      Jennifer, Yes. Let us know the report you want and which office(s) and we’ll help create what’s needed. Then, you can have the report run whenever you like to whomever you want!

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