New Training Seminars Available

There are two very important 30-minute Training Seminars that are suggested for all ReloSpec users.  The seminars will be held on Monday, July 20th, then repeated on Monday, July 27th.

The first seminar is on the use of the new “AP” button that was added recently to the Client List grid.  The new button allows the user to instantly apply the Action Plan that corresponds to the record’s Referral Type and the Referral Status.  The seminar will include instruction on how to quickly add the updated standard Action Plans to your own database as well as how to use this time-saving feature.

The second seminar focuses on the SEND button.  This button is used to instantly insert a copy of the selected record into the Import table of another ReloSpec broker.  A major announcement related to the SEND button will be made on Tuesday, July 21st.  Watch for the blog on that date!

To register for any of the seminars click this link and select the seminar(s) you want to attend.  All ReloSpec seminars are free.

One Response to “New Training Seminars Available”

  1. Doreen Van Ooyen Says:

    Will these be recorded?

    Thank you,

    Doreen J. Van Ooyen Director of Operations & Relocation

    Century 21 Bradley Realty

    2928 E. Dupont Road Fort Wayne, IN 46825

    260.399.1177, ext. 135

    Building our business one referral at a time!

    Submit your referral here.

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