Client Notification form with Agent Image

You have probably noticed when you click the pencil in the Client List page there is a small box for the Agent’s image (picture).  This field is available for use by those ReloSpec users who have the ‘Images’ option.

Unlike the ability to upload files in your SETTINGS page for use with emails, the Images option allows you to upload files/images/spreadsheets or whatever and store them with the Client List record.  Recently we expanded the ability to upload images for Agents, Contacts and Vendors.  When you upload an image for an agent, then select that agent from the ‘Lookup’ page the agent’s image is saved with that record.

Once you have the agent’s image stored in the Client List record you can click FORMS and send either the ‘Client Notification of Agent’ for buyers or the ‘Client Notification of Agent 2’ for Sellers.  The client will receive a short email with the agent’s details including the image.

A short (2.5 min) video is available in the FORMS section of the Training Videos page.

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  1. Linda Masny Says:

    I want to pay my subscription but cannot find the link to do so Please let me know how to apply with credit card, Thanks, Linda Masny , BHHS American Heritage in Elk Grove Village, IL

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