Report Update: Scorecard-Summary for Offices, Agents

Many of you reviewed the new Advanced ‘Scorecard – Summary’ report and let us know you appreciate the clean look and the ability to get results quickly.

However, a few of you have not been able to use the original report due to a large number of agents in your Agents table.  When selecting “All Agents” in the droplist there were too many for the report to process properly.

The original report is now two reports; the ‘Scorecard – Summary by Office’ and the ‘Scorecard – Summary by Agent’.  When you want to see results for one or more Offices choose the ‘…by Office’ version and when you want a report with one or more agents (not all agents) use the ‘…by Agent’ version.

Both reports group by Office(s), then Agents and will expand horizontally to display your unique Referral Status totals for each agent with one line per agent in a concise easy-to-read report.


One Response to “Report Update: Scorecard-Summary for Offices, Agents”

  1. Robin White Says:

    Hello, are other users having this issue? It just started. It is not on my end.

    This page can’t be displayed

    * Make sure the web address is correct.
    * Look for the page with your search engine.
    * Refresh the page in a few minutes.

    * Check that all network cables are plugged in.
    * Verify that airplane mode is turned off.
    * Make sure your wireless switch is turned on.
    * See if you can connect to mobile broadband.
    * Restart your router.
    Fix connection problems

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