How do I enter a New Record into ReloSpec using the “Communication Bridge” with Xchange?

  1. When adding a new Referral in Relospec and wanting to sync that referral with Xchange put a check mark in the LeadingRE Sync field on the right hand side of the General Information Section.


  1. In the contact section, click the Look-Up by LeadingRE button.  This will take you to a screen in Xchange that will let you choose your contact by state, or LeadingRE member. 
  2. Once this is selected, you can select your coordinator and press “Accept Contact Information and Return to the Referrals Screen”.  The contact fields in ReloSpec will be populated with the contact information.
  3. After all of your information is entered into ReloSpec, press the “add new” button.  While the record is updated into ReloSpec it will also update into Xchange and you will see a “yellow” message at the bottom left hand corner saying “The record was transferred.”
  4. When a note is added into ReloSpec it will also add one into Xchange.  You will see a “yellow” message at the top of the screen saying  “a record is added to Xchange.”
  5. When Closing information is added into ReloSpec a record is also added to Xchange.  You will again, see the “yellow” message saying “1 record was transferred to Xchange.”

What is the “Communication Bridge” for LeadingRe?

We an  “API” which is now called the “Communication Bridge” between ReloSpec and the proprietary database Xchange. LeadingRE Customers who have the API can have records in ReloSpec synchronized with records in Xchange and vice versa.  This works for Referrals and Notes records.

Communication Bridge Users also have a live access to lookup brokers from within the LRE  network.  There is a new link that appears in the Contacts section of the Referrals List page. Instead of looking at their own Contacts table it looks at the live LRE db of Contacts.