Secure New Seller Leads with Predictive Analytics

Constellation Real Estate Group (CREG), has acquired (offrs), a market leader in predictive analytics and lead generation in real estate.

offrs is a cutting edge lead generation. solution.  They have mastered the art of qualifying new sellers.   offrs has been able to predict using their algorithm and predictive analytics program who is going to sell their house next with 70% accuracy over the last 12 months, so offrs clients get in front of new sellers before anyone else.

Testimonial Video

If you want to learn more, have questions or schedule a walk through.   Contact Tom Demos at or 425-636-6939.   You can also schedule an appointment by going to his ONLINE CALENDAR

This type of service will provide you with an amazing competitive advantage and is definitely worth evaluating.

ReloSpec enhancement related to Add New Express form launching on 6/13/19


Add New Express Referral Form.

Specifically, the Assigned Agent Fields of First Name, Last Name, Office, Phone and Email will become read only.


We have found that better data entry and more consistent data will benefit your interaction within the application and the reporting services.


If they are an agent that you know you have entered into Relospec, follow these steps:

  1. Click the blue button called “Look up from Agents
  2. Search for the Agent you want.
  3. Select the Agent.
  4. Then Click the button on the top left of the screen with the selected Agent Name.
  5. The form will be auto populated for you.

If the agent is not currently in the agent list, please

  1. Click the blue button called “Look up from Agents
  2. click the + sign to add new agent.
  3. Enter all fields and save the record.
  4. Then follow steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 from above.


This will be the first of a series of changes that will help your overall satisfaction with the product and provide a much richer  and enhanced experience with Relospec.

CONTACT RELOSPEC with any additional questions by going to our CONTACT US PAGE

LeadRouter/Broker Center Integration is complete, OpCity and FollowUp Boss are pending, are you interested?

ReloSpec has made considerate effort to increase efficiency for clients.    One area of focus has been on adding integration so you don’t have to add records one field at a time, or copy and pasting information.    Now that integrations are built we need to hear from you.   Our integration with LeadRouter/Broker Center is complete, we have all the paperwork and specs to integrate with OpCity and Follow Up Boss so go here to let us in you want to learn more about one or more of these integrations with Relocation Specialist.



Do you need help generating new buyers and sellers?

As you know by now, Constellation Real Estate group is comprised of many different real estate software products like ReloSpec.   Today, I want to introduce you to one of our other brands, MarketLeader.

There are very few companies that can help you grow your real estate business by guaranteeing new buyers and sellers in specific markets, MarketLeader is one of the companies that can do just that.

MarketLeader’s lead generation program guarantees you new buyers and sellers in your specific market.   To receive a quote and to see how you can grow your business you can click here, or forward that link to your broker/owner.   .

***Don’t forget we can help you with developing a new company website that generates new buyers and sellers, and assist you in managing, distributing, and cultivating leads to help you grow your sales.

If you ever have any questions about ReloSpec, MarketLeader or any of our other real estate software products.   You can always schedule an appointment to learn more.  

CREG Partners With BHHS, Pioneers In Proprietary Platform REflex

Here is the article on Real Trends:

Remember CREG is the parent company for ReloSpec.

The Constellation Real Estate Group (CREG), a leading provider of scalable SaaS products in the real estate industry, announced it is a Preferred Alliance Program member to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, extending first-class solutions to the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network of brokers through Constellation brands:

  • Real Estate Digital – Custom, multi-level website platforms with lead-to-close support tools, multi-tiered IDX solutions, websites, CRM, transaction management and eSignature.
  • Market Leader – Seamless lead-conversion solutions that include branded IDX websites, CRM, search engine marketing, digital lead generation and marketing automation.
  • Emphasys– Full-featured accounting, commissions, and back-office management with Quickbooks® integration, showing management and simplified bookkeeping.

All three brands are now fully integrated with REflex, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ data-sharing platform with data-centric integrations for the real estate industry.

“We’re excited to work with the Constellation Real Estate Group and offer our network members the ability to leverage the fully integrated technology of Real Estate Digital, Market Leader and Emphasys,” said Chris Stuart, CEO of HSF Affiliates LLC, which operates Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

“This alliance allows our network brokers to customize their technology stacks based on the specific needs of their businesses, and we’re confident CREG solutions will give our network brokers a competitive advantage, while continuing to raise the bar and deliver the exceptional consumer experiences they are known for.”

“We’re thrilled to work with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and serve its network of brokers as pioneers in REflex,” said Scott Smith, President of Constellation Real Estate Group. “Real Estate Digital, Market Leader and Emphasys all offer powerful solutions that brokers can leverage to drive their businesses forward while supporting Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ data-centric integration model, giving users secure and competitive advantages as technology continues to shift in the real estate industry.”

Real Estate Digital, Market Leader and Emphasys products are currently available through Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ Preferred Alliance Program portal and Preferred Alliance Program directory.

Constellation Real Estate Group (CREG) Client Referral Program

Thank you for your commitment to Relospec.

We love referrals, so we created a simple program for you, our clients.   it is very simple.

Click here, fill out the form, and receive a $100 Visa Gift Card for ANY referrals internal or external that purchase a new CREG product or service or upgrade an existing CREG product or service.

Below are some of the included services:

  • ReloSpec – Relocation Software
  • Real Estate Digital – Transaction Management Software
  • Real Estate Digital – Electronic Signature
  • Real Estate Digital – Showcase Website
  • Constellation Web Solutions – Office Website
  • Constellation Web Solutions – MLS Data
  • MarketLeader – Real Estate Lead Generation
  • MarketLeader – Business Suite Website
  • MarketLeader – Professional Website
  • Sharper Agent – Agent Marketing Tools
  • Emphasys – BackOffice Accounting Software (w/ QuickBooks integration)
  • Emphasys – RealLedger Accounting Software

BHHS Conference – Come visit our booths

Safe travels to everyone that is heading to the BHHS conference in Las Vegas

I just wanted to give you some ways to get a hold of me this weekend. 

  1. BHHS ALL IN APP:  You can send me a message directly.
  2. VISIT OUR BOOTHS:  Our Constellation Real Estate Group booth numbers are #113 (Emphasys Software) and #201 (Real Estate Digital), Jim and I will primarily be at #113 (Emphasys Software)
  3. CALL/ TEXT:  You can always call/text me at 630-728-4799

Tom Demos 

ReloSpec wants to meet you at the LeadingRE conference on 2/20 and 2/21 in Las Vegas

Dear ReloSpec Customers,

We just wanted to follow up with those of you attending the Leading RE conference next week in Las Vegas.   ReloSpec representatives, Tom Demos and Jim Evans (yes, ReloSpec founder, Jim Evans), will both be at kiosk #39 on networking night representing Constellation Real Estate Group.

In addition, we are staying at the Wynn hotel and have availability to individually meet on the 20th after Noon, and on the 21st until 3pm, so email Tom Demos at or call 630-728-4799 to schedule a time or to let us know you plan on seeing us.   Safe travels to all of those who will be attending.



Referral Record Email Address on Add New Express Form

Referral Record Email Address on Add New Express Form

On  February 1, 2019

In order to improve the performance of the application,  make future product enhancements and ensure modern data standards are maintained,
ReloSpec has made a change to the Add New Express page.
We have made the Customer Info Email a required field.
You will notice the field Customer Info Email now has a default value of
If you do have a Customer Email please update that field to your Customers Email.
If you do not have a Customer Email, please leave that default value in the field.

Thank you from Relospec.

We appreciate your business and look forward to making interaction with our application simply outstanding!

Constellation Real Estate Group (CREG) launches a new website for all CREG products

Visit our new CREG website:

Do you know what CREG does?
The Constellation Real Estate Group acquires and invests in real estate software brands that are committed to providing long-term solutions and partnerships with franchises, brokers, agents, MLSs, and associations. Our ecosystem of market-leading technology solutions was designed specifically for the real estate industry through our brands.

Over 500,000 real estate agents, teams, and brokerages across North America rely on the Constellation Real Estate Group’s products and services to power, manage, and grow their businesses.

Marketing and Lead Generation
Lead and Relationship Management 
Transaction Management 
Accounting and Commissions

Schedule an appointment to discuss potential system CREG integrations for your brokerage.