A change when you delete or close out a file

When you close, dead-out, or change a file to pending you will now be given the following choices:

1. No, don’t delete anything
2. Yes, delete ONLY the AutoPilot items
3. Yes, delete all unfinished ToDo items for the record

Before we used to delete ONLY the AutoPilot items. Now, the user can delete unfinished AutoPilot items and other unfinished ToDo items like Meetings, Phone Calls, etc.

Thank you,
The ReloSpec Team

7 Responses to “A change when you delete or close out a file”

  1. Kayleigh Watkins Says:

    I actually noticed this change a few days ago, and I love, LOVE it! It makes my life so much easier when I have to dead out files.

    Thanks! :]

  2. Ryan Carrell Says:

    Hi – just a clarification…if the coordinator choose the option 3 it will delete all ToDo’s AND Autopilots for that particular file, correct?

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