Images Option; Add Client and Agent Pictures

By now you have probably noticed the three new fields in the Referrals List page used for storing images of the agent(s) and the client.  These are because of the newly enhanced Images option.

The Relocation Specialist Images option has been used to “go paperless”.  It allows you to upload images of scanned contracts, BMAs, Word docs, PDF files or any file you want to associate with a referral record.  The Images option now includes the ability to upload pictures of Clients and/or Agents for use with outgoing forms.  So now when you want to send the updated ‘Client Notification of Agent’ form it will now include a picture of the agent along with the other agent details like Name, Email Address, Website, etc.

And, when you want to include a picture of your Client/Transferee with the new, simplified ‘Outgoing Information Sheet-F‘ you can!  This new form is a great way to send only the information needed for an outgoing referral.  And, it now may also include a picture of the client!

There is a new 7-minute Training Video with instruction on how to use these powerful new features.  We hope you enjoy the new features and the two new forms.

2 Responses to “Images Option; Add Client and Agent Pictures”

  1. Denise Becker Says:

    Need to know about interfacing with broker wolf. Please

    Denise Becker Strano and Associates (618) 257-7690


  2. Leslie Smith Says:

    I tried to view the training video but the video remained static on the main page and I just received the audio portion of the video.

    Challenge: I can get the agent photos to appear in the agent table but the photos do not show up automatically in all the existing transaction records assigned to that agent, even when I hit the Refresh (Update) the Referrals Table button. Hitting the Reload button was also ineffective. I finally tried reassigning the same agent to a record (one with an image) and that finally worked.

    Great for new records only.

    I will probably never use the client photo option.

    Thank you for your ongoing efforts to expand the options within ReloSpec.

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