ReloSpec Tip: Agent updates

Occasionally we offer ‘ReloSpec Tips’ to help you use features you may not be familiar with.  Today we’re looking at the AGENTS page.

Ever make changes to an agent’s record in the AGENTS page such as Phone or Email, then realize those changes also need to be made in the Referrals table and the related Tasks?  There is an easy way to do that!

Open the AGENTS page using the ‘Other Options’ droplist.  Click the pencil, make your changes and click the button that now appears and is labeled “Refresh (Update) the Tasks & Referrals…”.  The button only appears after you click UPDATE CURRENT RECORD.

After clicking the button, ReloSpec will display the total number of records and fields updated with the agent information.  Now, the info in the Tasks and the Referrals tables will match what you have in the Agents table.


2 Responses to “ReloSpec Tip: Agent updates”

  1. Susan Post Says:

    Please remove Debra Jarvis from this list. She is no longer with our company. These updates should be send to me. My full contact is below.

    Thanks, Susan

  2. Laura Fox Says:


    Laura S Fox Owner Fox Relocation Services, LLC 855-369-7356 855-FOX-RELO POB 12414 Scottsdale AZ 85267


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