Why are my AutoPilots not in the AutoPilot folder?

If your Tickler Report(which you should run each and every morning) says you have AutoPilot items waiting to go out, then they should be in the AutoPilot Folder.


If they are not in the AP folder when you open the link please go to that file and click on the ToDo link.  If there is a BLUE check mark in the completed column then that item was sent out.


If you did not send the item out then another User in your department did.  Make sure all Users understand how to FILTER for their own information.


If an AutoPilot that you THINK should be there, is not, then it is best to go back to the ToDo list for that file and trouble-shoot from that point.  Is the start date correct?  Is the item marked to repeat?  Is the item marked completed?  Look at each field and try to identify where the error may be located.

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