Did you know? Play to win!

TGIF ReloSpec Friends!  I hope you have some fun, relaxing plans on the books for the next few days!  Let’s kick it off with some fabulous news and a bit of fun!

In our best attempt to keep you educated on the always improving and evolving Relocation Specialist Product we have added a new feature this week!  When you login to your database you will now notice your homepage has a bright YELLOW light-bulb under the word “referrals”!!!  Didn’t notice?  Time to take a better look!

This is our new “DID YOU KNOW…” section!  Each day of the month we will post a reminder on how to use a function in our system, or a tip on how to zip around ReloSpec as efficiently as possible!

This FANTASTIC idea came from a few of you at a recent conference!  We love our Customers and we love that you help make our product the best in the Industry!

We also know we don’t KNOW it all!  So now let’s play to win!  Submit your “Did You Know…” tips to me, Jennifer@prosws.com, and if yours is selected to be used, you will be entered to win a $50 gift-card to Amazon.com!  $50 for sending me a little piece of advice…not too bad!

When you send me your tip, please let me know if you want your name added to the tip (we like to give credit where credit is due) or if you would prefer to remain Anonymous.

Thanks ReloSpec Customers for making it fun for us to come to work every day!!! 

Have a GREAT weekend!

The ReloSpec Team

4 Responses to “Did you know? Play to win!”

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