Getting the most from your ReloSpec: REPORTS

At some point, after entering all those referral records you’re going to want to produce some reports.  This blog will help you understand your choices with reports.  ReloSpec report categories and features as shown on the REPORTS page are listed below.

  • Most Popular;  When you click the radio button for ‘Most Popular’ in the upper-left of the REPORTS page a listing of the most popular ReloSpec reports will be displayed.  These reports are selected for you by the ReloSpec Team and are always subject to change.
  • My Favorites;  Clicking the ‘My Favorites’ button will display the reports you have designated in the SETTINGS page.  They are unique to your database and may be edited at any time by you.  When you first start with ReloSpec there are certain default reports that are displayed.
  • All Reports;  By clicking the ‘All Reports’ button, all ReloSpec reports will be displayed.
  • Advanced;  Advanced reports allow you to filter using droplists and calendars and produce “pretty” reports that may be downloaded to Excel, or exported to a PDF or MS Word format.
  • Standard; The Standard reports are more simple but sometimes have more flexible filtering.  Results are displayed in rows and columns without grouping (like Advanced reports), and Standard reports may be downloaded to Excel.
  • Miscellaneous; These reports have special uses and are not generally used to produce “regular” reports.

There are a few special features with ReloSpec reports in addition to the categories above.

  • Activity reports start with “Activity…” in the report name and are used to display all activities within a date range.  They typically include Incoming/Outgoing/Other records that came in or went out or were Closed no matter when they came in.
  • Closed reports start with “Closed…” in the report name and display records that were closed within the date range.
  • Scorecard reports start with “Scorecard…” in the report name and display records for a specific Agent or Office.
  • Scheduled reports are certain reports which ReloSpec automatically sends to agents or Office Managers as scheduled in advance.  Upon receiving the email, the agent or manager can click a link in the email and view in Read-Only mode records pertaining ONLY to them.  You select which report you want sent to whom and when.  ReloSpec does the rest!  A ReloSpec Team member can help you arrange for Scheduled Reports.
  • Custom Financial Report is a special report that allows you to select the fields you want, filter the records and sort the results.  It is a great report for quickly finding the data you want.

If you cannot find the report you need or if you want help with the ReloSpec reports, let a Team member know.  We’re here to help you!

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