New Feature, and it’s a good one!

NEW FEATURE:  AutoAssign and AutoAccept (Forms and Action Plans)

Today we are announcing a new feature known as “AutoAssign and AutoAccept”.  This new feature combines the use of the ‘AutoAssign’ form with Action Plans that enable you to quickly assign referrals to agents, then have ReloSpec respond automatically when the agent accepts.

For example, let’s say you want to assign a referral to the agent.  You send the AutoAssign form to the agent, but don’t want to send all the information about the client until AFTER the agent accepts.  You could have an Action Plan named “AutoAssign” and when you select that plan the ‘AutoAssign’ form is emailed to the agent. 

The new feature is what happens next.  If the agent clicks YES and Submits the AutoAssign form, ReloSpec will look in your Action Plans table and if it finds an Action Plan named “AutoAccept” it will immediately carry out what is listed.

The ‘AutoAccept’ Action Plan could then, for example, send the ‘Incoming Information Sheet’ to the agent and send a letter to the client letting them know who the agent is.  All this happens without anyone being logged into ReloSpec!

There are two special Web Seminars scheduled for next week to show how to use this exciting new feature.  Be sure to check the ‘Live Web Seminars’ page for this and other helpful 30-minute seminars.

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