Can we determine why our system is running so slowly?

If your system is not performing up to par, and you have confirmed with Relo Spec that there are no known issues try this.

There is a handy tool to determine the possible source of slow response times with ReloSpec called TraceRoute.  This tool (tracert.exe) is found in the Windows folder and is used to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network.  This tool is helpful for situations when ReloSpec response times are slow; especially when compared with other PCs where the response times are fast.

Here are the steps to use the tool:

  1. Click Start, Run and type “command” and click OK.  A (command) window with black background will open.
  2. Type “tracert > tracert.txt” and ENTER.  “Tracert” is the command from Windows.  “” is the IP address for the front-end server of ReloSpec.  The “> tracert.txt” is where the file will be written with the results.  It will be stored in the ‘C:\Documents and Settings\[User name]’ folder.
  3. Browse to the file created and double-click to open in Notepad.  You’ll see the “hops” the packet takes to get to the server and the amount of time in milliseconds.
  4. Type “exit” and ENTER to close the window.
  5. If needed, have the customer attach the file to an email and send to me for evaluation.

I am getting double records in the import table?

If your import table has duplicate records in it after you have imported your egrabber it is because you forgot to press your egrabber clear before you began importing. Just delete the duplicate record and don’t forget to press egrabber clear after.

I get an error while uploading into egrabber?

There are two types of errors that you can get while importing a record from Broker Center. The first one mentions truncation. This happens when one of your fields in broker center is more than 100 characters. If getting this error you should go back into your broker center record and check email addresses; company name and comments to see if any of them are too long. If you find one that is extraordinarily long contact us through the help desk and we can expand the field.

The other type of error you get while importing a record is a type mismatch. This will happen when there is an alphabetic character in an “all numeric field.” If you come across this error, contact us through the help desk.

I’ve changed my Internet Explorer settings and my ReloSpec pop-ups are still blocked. Why?

Though you may have changed the Internet Explorer Pop-up settings, you may still have other software running in your browser window that is blocking your pop-ups.  Common examples of pop-up blocker software are additional toolbars from Yahoo! or from Google.  If you have these additional toolbars, be sure you also have them set to allow pop-ups from “”.


How do I turn off my Pop-up Blocker?

In Relocation Specialist there are a few pages that are used as pop-ups, and unless you have your pop-up blocker settings correct you not be able to view these valuable pages.  These instructions apply to the Internet Explorer pop-up blocker settings.

If you want to test whether or not you have a Pop-up Blocker running you can hold the “Ctrl” button down while you click on the link.  This will over-ride the Pop-up Blocker.  If your link opens then you have verified you have a pop-up blocker running.

From the Internet Explorer window

  • click Tools
  • Pop-up Blocker
  • Pop-up Blocker Settings
  • In the Address of website to allow box, type “” and click Add
  • Click Close

What is the “Days Old” column and how is it used?

Located on the Tickler page this column makes it much easier to know the number of days since the due date of a Response from the agent.  When the Tickler is opened, all ToDo records are displayed with the due date in descending order.  The Days Old column is listed second in the grid and displays the total number of days since the due date.  The purpose is to make it easier to identify records are overdue for getting a response from the agent.  For example, if you see that the Days Old amount is 7 or higher you may want to contact the agent to ask (again) for a response.

How can I select the record in the Referral Table that matches my Tickler item?

Once the Tickler page is open do the following to select the specific record in the Referrals table that matches the Tickler item:

  1. Select the desired record by clicking the line number at the left side.  
  2. Leave the Tickler page open and switch to the Referrals List page.
  3. Click the TICKLER navigation button at the top of the Referrals List page.  This will instantly filter the records to select the matching record in the table.

Clicking the TICKLER CANCEL button will unfilter the Referrals List page.