I’ve changed my Internet Explorer settings and my ReloSpec pop-ups are still blocked. Why?

Though you may have changed the Internet Explorer Pop-up settings, you may still have other software running in your browser window that is blocking your pop-ups.  Common examples of pop-up blocker software are additional toolbars from Yahoo! or from Google.  If you have these additional toolbars, be sure you also have them set to allow pop-ups from “rs.prosws.com”.


How do I turn off my Pop-up Blocker?

In Relocation Specialist there are a few pages that are used as pop-ups, and unless you have your pop-up blocker settings correct you not be able to view these valuable pages.  These instructions apply to the Internet Explorer pop-up blocker settings.

If you want to test whether or not you have a Pop-up Blocker running you can hold the “Ctrl” button down while you click on the link.  This will over-ride the Pop-up Blocker.  If your link opens then you have verified you have a pop-up blocker running.

From the Internet Explorer window

  • click Tools
  • Pop-up Blocker
  • Pop-up Blocker Settings
  • In the Address of website to allow box, type “rs.prosws.com” and click Add
  • Click Close

What is the “Days Old” column and how is it used?

Located on the Tickler page this column makes it much easier to know the number of days since the due date of a Response from the agent.  When the Tickler is opened, all ToDo records are displayed with the due date in descending order.  The Days Old column is listed second in the grid and displays the total number of days since the due date.  The purpose is to make it easier to identify records are overdue for getting a response from the agent.  For example, if you see that the Days Old amount is 7 or higher you may want to contact the agent to ask (again) for a response.

How can I select the record in the Referral Table that matches my Tickler item?

Once the Tickler page is open do the following to select the specific record in the Referrals table that matches the Tickler item:

  1. Select the desired record by clicking the line number at the left side.  
  2. Leave the Tickler page open and switch to the Referrals List page.
  3. Click the TICKLER navigation button at the top of the Referrals List page.  This will instantly filter the records to select the matching record in the table.

Clicking the TICKLER CANCEL button will unfilter the Referrals List page.

Can I view Tickler Records for all users?

Yes.  Once the page is open, click SEARCH and use the fields in the search page to filter the records as needed.  By not selecting a specific name in the Who Field you are filtering for all records and not a specific name.

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I am saving my Report to Rept Gen, but when it opens it is not the information I requested?

When you save your Report please make sure the destination is correct.  It MUST be: c:drive/programfiles/relospec floder…..run and save the report to this location and 99% of the time you will find this was the problem.

Your Report will not save nor open, you get an Excel Spreadsheet instead.

If you are not being prompted to Open or Save the report when you click on Download please follow these steps.


1)      Double-click on My Computer

2)      Select Tools then Folder Options form the menu bar

3)      Now select folder tab that reads File Types

4)      Scroll down through the programs until you find XLS

5)      Once it is found & highlighted, select the Advanced tab on the bottom of the page

6)      At the bottom of this box you will see three options with check boxes next to them       

a.       Make sure the first Confirm Open after Download is checked

b.      Make sure that the next two boxes are unchecked


            Click OK, and then Close.

What are Favorite Reports and how do I select them?

Favorite Reports are those reports selected from the link of the same name in the Utility Settings page.  When the page is first opened it attempts to display only the favorite reports.  (If no ‘favorites’ have been selected, then all available reports will be displayed.)  To select a new ‘Favorite Report’ do the following:

  1. From the Main Menu, click Utility Settings.
  2. Click the Favorite Reports link.
  3. Click ADD NEW button
  4. Select the report you want to be included in the ‘favorites’ list and click the ADD NEW RECORD button.

*** Note:  When you select favorites these are not JUST YOUR favorites, they will be viewed as favorites by all those using your database.  If you have a large team please be sure you are all agreed on which forms need to be on this list.

What is a Tickler Report?

Video Tutorials are available for the Tickler Page

The Tickler Report is basically your Personal Assistant.  Tickler=Reminder.  When you set up a ToDo item you are telling the system that on a SPECIFIC DATE you need to complete a SPECIFIC TASK.  That task may be an AutoPilot, a reminder to fax, call, email…..or just simply to check on a file.  In creating a Tickler Report we have taken the sticky-note and calendar reminders away from your daily grind!

So in the morning when you boot up and while you sip on your cup of Joe PRINT your Tickler Report and see what the day has in-store for you!

When you see AUTOPILOT you KNOW you need to check your AP Folder and send your items for that day.  When you see RESPONSE you KNOW you are waiting to hear from Agent’s so you can check your RESPONSE folder and see if they have replied. 

When you mark and item complete it will be removed from your Tickler Report.  When you send your AP’s they will be removed from your Tickler Report.  When you process Responses they will be removed from your Tickler Report. 

Now if you do not get to an item it will still be on your Tickler Report the next morning.   This page lists all ToDo items that are on or before the Cut-Off Date where the Completed field = FALSE.  

If you prefer you can also set your Tickler Report to open when you login.  Simply go to your User Profile in the Utility Settings and where it says ‘Do you want your Tickler to open each time you login?’ Click YES.

This is the same page that is opened using the ‘Tickler’ link in the Referrals List page.  The difference is that by opening this page from the Main Menu, the page will remain open until you manually close it.  If this page is opened from the link in the Referrals List page it is subject to being closed automatically as soon as you click a different link and open another page.  For example, if you open the Tickler page from the Referrals List page but then click the Notes link, the Tickler page will be closed and the Notes page will open.

Why are my AutoPilots not in the AutoPilot folder?

If your Tickler Report(which you should run each and every morning) says you have AutoPilot items waiting to go out, then they should be in the AutoPilot Folder.


If they are not in the AP folder when you open the link please go to that file and click on the ToDo link.  If there is a BLUE check mark in the completed column then that item was sent out.


If you did not send the item out then another User in your department did.  Make sure all Users understand how to FILTER for their own information.


If an AutoPilot that you THINK should be there, is not, then it is best to go back to the ToDo list for that file and trouble-shoot from that point.  Is the start date correct?  Is the item marked to repeat?  Is the item marked completed?  Look at each field and try to identify where the error may be located.